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Enter your lending criteria and connect with borrowers.

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Negotiate Your Deal

Once you connect with a borrower you will be able to conduct your due diligence to see if it’s a deal you want to fund.

Borrowers Come to You

Borrowers Come to You

Once you become of verified lender on the platform, you will be matched with qualified borrowers looking to fund their real estate projects.

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Lead Qualification

Leads are matched to your company based on State, loan amount, property value, credit score, and investment experience.

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Instant Alerts

Get notified in real time via email when you match with a borrower’s lending request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee to be listed on the platform?

There is no cost to join. It is 100% free to have your company listed on the platform. To actually become a verified lender and match with borrowers, we offer two membership tiers, Silver and Gold. The Silver membership is $195 per month and the Gold membership is $295 per month.

How does it work?
How do we add our company to the platform?
What does it cost to connect with borrowers on the platform?
Can I view borrower's lending request before I pay to connect?